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Company Overview

iProcess Architecture's IT Strategy & Operations service offering, helps business and IT executives make and implement pragmatic decisions that increase the business value of information technology investments.

We assist our clients in developing, integrating, migrating, Re-engineering and maintaining applications.

In addition, we provide localisation and adaptation applications or products to a particular language and culture.


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Recent Projects

We provide comprehensive project management solutions and services in IT, Education, Technology, Electronics, Telecommunications and Energy Industries.

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Technical Implementation and Software Localisation Services

Localisation and Application Development

Helping a global manufacturer to increase share market

Outsourcing and Offshoring programming

Help desk
Application Integration
Mobile development
Software Localization

Requirements analysis


Design & Implementation


Integration & Deployment


Testing & Debugging

Our Solutions

Our creative solutions help corporations and organizations to quickly adapt to new technologies that enhance business productivity and enable them to stay ahead of the competition.

Our team and partners includes some of the very best IT people in the industry that have a thorough understanding of what the world's premier software solutions can do to help corporations and achieve their full potential and improve their competitive edge.

Localization service

Localisation or Internationalisation is the process of preparing your Organization, products, services, marketing materials, websites, brochures, presentations and multimedia, training and eLearning for a global market so that they can be adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes.

Our complete service package was adopted for localizing your messages, products and services to foreign target market.
localization services cover below aspects:
Language services, Software and Application, Mobile and Website, Call Center Support, Training / E-Learning

Software Localization

Software and application product translation and adaptation to the linguistic, cultural, functional elements and technical requirements of a target market.

- Enabling software installation and operation with foreign characters sets, platforms and other localized programs (I18N Enablement)
- Enabling software to be easily translated, maintained and supported
- Externalizing translatable resources from executable binaries and creating resource-only libraries
- Moving button and graphics text into string variables
- Adopting single-source materials for documentation management

Software development

- Mobile app development,
- Web and desktop application development,
- Embedded software development,
- Games development
- E-commerce solution.

Provide experts in Oracle, Microsoft technologies and Open-source platforms:
Java, J2EE, .NET, ASP.NET, Azure, SharePoint, Silverlight, PHP, Moodle, MySQL, PhoneGapWe, Python, Ruby and etc.

Mobile application development

- Mobile apps design and testing,Web service
(JSON, Atom, OData, XML, Google Protocol Buffer),
- Proficiency in Java, Objective-C and C#
- Metro-based user interface development
- Microsoft design patterns and practice like MVVM, Prism etc.
- In-depth knowledge of the latest technologies like Windows Phone and Visual Studio
- Android and iOS design and User Experience best practices

Mobile and Web Application Testing

We are covering all aspects:
- User Experience: - Functional testing and user journeys execution and UI consistency, visual issues and UI behavior
- Performance: Application memory & processor usage, behavior on insufficient resources and in multi-tasking environment
- Integration: Data transactions / bandwidth usage & Content retrieval optimization and Seamless embedding Web service features
- OS Compatibility: Testing environment establishment with all platforms and compatibility with onboard hardware.
- Compatibility: Operation under defined conditions, New capabilities verification & Hardware/software synchronization

Technical & Customer Support

We deliver multilingual voice, live chat, email and social media support - all of which have been ranked top ten and awarded for quality in customer service by clients, partners and others in the call center outsourcing industry.

Our certified support staff are working based on ITIL processes and take advantage of latest reporting tools. Our services are available in over 20 European and Asian languages.

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iProcess Architecture Corp. - IT Solution Provider

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